0.18mm High Temperature Resistance Adhesive Tape Cloth Heat Insulation Sealing Machine PTFE Tape


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Product Name: Teflon high temperature tape, high temperature lacquer cloth tape, Teflon high temperature tape

Features: more heat and cold resistance than ordinary tape. In the process of continuous use, the temperature range can reach - 100-260 ℃, the melting point can reach 380 ℃, low friction and good lubricity; It has good insulation effect on high voltage electricity; No chemical reaction to chemicals or solvents; It has anti light and anti-oxidation effects; And good adhesion; Wear resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, microwave resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, abnormal smoothness and non viscosity; It has the characteristics of firm pasting, no degumming, uniform lines and so on.

Application Industry:

1. Optoelectronic industry such as LCD, FPC / PCB

2. Food and drug packaging industry

3. Plastic bag heat sealing machine, high-speed sealing machine

4. Hot melt machine

5. Motor, high and low voltage electrical products, wire and cable insulation protection, battery manufacturing

6. Sewing locomotive, peeling machine

7. Rubber plastic roller coating

8. Other places requiring high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and anti sticking


1. Insulation of wires, cables and coils (for class H electrical insulation)

2. Lining material of hopper

3. Sliding material used for guide rail

4. Isolation materials for thermal sealing

5. Prevent the adhesion of glue and adhesive

6. Used for stripping of wood mold and plastic forming mold

7. Paper feeding tape for fax machine

8. Slide rail of copier

9. Lining material of gasket

10. Gaskets in contact with corrosive chemicals

11. Lining of various mechanical sliding surfaces

The maintenance personnel are mainly used to isolate the components near the thermal chip during BGA, and the effect is better!

Brand NameYX
OriginMainland China
Tape TypeElectrical Tape

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